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Born and raised in Santa Barbara, California, Jennie has spent the last twenty something years traveling widely, and living in different cultures in Europe, Asia, Africa, and beyond. Her exposure to living in such diverse and stimulating societies has influenced her unique sense of style.


Jennie’s work is a distinctive blend of fusion that effortlessly links the lands through which she has traveled and lived. The result is a range of eclectic and timeless designs that complement the cross-cultural lives we all live today.


Her experience in launching both a furniture business, specializing primarily in Dutch and Asian Colonial pieces, as well as an online lifestyle boutique has developed her eye for incorporating unique pieces into any space, style, and environment.


The influences that traveling has brought to Jennie’s life are mirrored in her own personal style, and have in turn shaped the spaces she creates.  She feels very privileged to be living in regions of the world abounding with such vibrant cultural color, where astonishing vitality is a constant inspiration for life. The simple beauty she adores is touched by the subtitles in culture, language and religion that are woven into the life of an individual and form a backdrop – a global sense of style.


Jennie’s personal style is continually evolving, as she seeks inspiration and ideas from new lands and new cultures.


Today, you can find her in Lausanne, Switzerland, with her husband Eric and their three boys – Jordan, Sebastian, and Soren.


Portrait of Jennie Schmid, Home Interiors by Jennie Schmid Design
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